About Pure Line Seeds, Inc

Last updated on March 06, 2016

Our Roots:

Pure Line Seeds, founded in 1948, originated as a regional supplier of garden pea seed. As demand grew, the small company in Moscow, Idaho extended their sales from Northern Idaho into the surrounding Pacific Northwest and Canada. Pure Line Seeds expanded, moving their production, milling, warehousing and research operations to Warden, WA, one of the world’s premier seed producing environments. From the heart of the Columbia Basin, the company has continued to grow with the demands of the global market..

Our Company:

Since their purchase of Pure Line Seeds in 2004, Susan and William Pfeil have directed the company’s global expansion. The Pfeils took a regional U.S. seed company focused mainly on the processing industry and helped it blossom into a multi-national seed production and distribution company for both the processing and fresh market industries. Their understanding of the seed business and reputation as a reliable seed supplier has allowed the company to form strategic alliances with public and private organizations throughout the U.S. and abroad. These alliances benefit the market through improved genetics, expanded product lines, improved distribution systems and lower production costs.

Our Research:

Our research program in Warden has developed a number of proprietary snap bean, green pea, and edible pod pea varieties. Our research department, directed by Benjamin Hughey, has combined its efforts with universities and other credible researchers to develop quality genetics through conventional non-GMO breeding practices.

What's New:

After several years with a highly successful Fresh Market Division, Pure Line Seeds is excited to increase and diversify their product line. This division continues to develop and support new distributorships throughout the world with a heightened enthusiasm. Today this division is responsible for distributorships operating in thirty-eight countries on five continents.

Our Future:

As a privately held company, Pure Line Seeds is responsive to the ever changing needs of its customers. This ability to respond quickly and effectively, our network of alliances and the dedication of our most important asset, our employees, has positioned Pure Line Seeds to continue to be a leader in the large and small seed industries for years to come.