Last updated on February 12, 2015

Pure Line Seeds, Inc. strategically partners with associations to further develop relationships within the Fresh and Processing Markets worldwide.

Pure Line values each one of our associations for-

  • Networking
  • Valuable information on market trends, food safety, and environmental safety
  • Develop future industry leaders through education
  • Increase in profitability and sales

Northwest Food Processors Association:Northwest Food Processors Association

Organized in 1914 as a canners association, the Northwest Food Processors Association (NWFPA) supports the needs of the Pacific Northwest food processing industry (Idaho, Oregon, and Washington) in a variety of food processing & packaging segments: fruits, vegetables, seafood, dairy, bakeries, specialty, juices and more. NWFPA's membership base includes national companies with operations or headquarters in the Pacific Northwest, regional companies and locally run family businesses. NWFPA is one of the nation's largest food processing trade associations, with current membership of more than 75 processor companies and more than 350 supplier members. NWFPA is located close to Portland International Airport. This location offers convenience for our members attending Association meetings and is a mid-point for the State capitals of Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Midwest Food Processors Association, Inc.:

Midwest Food Processors Association

The Midwest Food Processors Association, Inc. is a trade association that advocates on behalf of food processing companies and affiliated industries in Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Established in 1905 as the Wisconsin Canners Association, today the association represents a more diverse group of food processors on a variety of food issues. The primary role of MWFPA is to influence public policy and make the Midwest a great place for food processors to do business. The association's activities can be summarized in four words; advocate, educate, communicate, and facilitate

International Seed Federation:

International Seed Federation

The International Seed Federation represents the interests of the mainstream of the seed industry at a global level through interaction and dialogue with public and private institutions that have an impact on international seed trade.

Produce Marketing Association:

Produce Marketing Association

Produce Marketing Association (PMA), the largest, global not-for-profit trade association representing companies that market fresh fruits, vegetables, and related products. PMA's membership of 3,000 companies in nearly 50 countries ranges from supermarket retailers to farmers, foreign exporters to restaurant chains. The association's programs promote the efficient distribution and increased consumption of members' products around the world.

American Seed Trade Association:

American Seed Trade Association

The American Seed Trade Association: Promoting the research, development and movement of quality seed to meet the world's demand for food, feed, fiber and fuel.

Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers' Association:

Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers' Association

The Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers' Association (OFVGA) is the umbrella organization for 28 commodity-based farm associations in the province.

The OFVGA serves as the official representative for the province's fruit and vegetable sector to national and international bodies. The organization takes a leadership role in lobbying issues to government, makes vital contributions to research and food safety, assists in the co-ordination of activities for non-regulated crops, handles media inquiries, clears commodity grade specifications and inspection changes, and oversees container introductions and specifications.

Ozark Food Processors Association:

Ozark Food Processors Association

The Ozark Food Producers Association (OFPA), founded in 1906, is a nonprofit organization to support food processors, suppliers and associated industries in the Ozark region and surrounding areas.

Michigan Food Processors Association:

Michigan Food Processors Association

Michigan Food Processors Association (MFPA) is a growing industry association that works on behalf of the food, fruit and vegetable processors and related companies and organizations that do business in the region.

Pennsylvania Food Processors Association:

Pennsylvania Food Processors Association

Pennsylvania Food Processors Association represents produce growers across the state of Pennsylvania.

Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association of Delaware:

Vegetable Growers Association of Delaware represents produce growers across the state of Delaware.