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The Pure Line Team also seeks to walk through our growers’ fields. Meeting face-to-face with customers to understand their needs.

Once these needs are realized our salespeople collaborate with our breeders to put together a wish list. This list shows how certain vegetable varieties can improve or change to meet customer needs.

Our breeders then spend meticulous months and years refining vegetable varieties to bring these wishes to reality.

Dedication to our most important asset, our employees. Has positioned Pure Line Seeds to be a leader in the seed industry for years to come.


Those within the industry can testify to Pure Line as being the premier place to purchase new vegetable varieties. Although, providing quality vegetable seeds is due to our most valuable asset, our employees.

We are a people to people business.

Pure Line cares because our employees have spent a lifetime working the jobs our consumers have. The Pure Line Team has also spent hours honing their skills and finding ways to address the real needs of people.


Alliances with other organizations and breeders opened the door to greater expansion in the U.S. and abroad. As well as within the processing industry and fresh market division.

These alliances benefited the market through improved genetics, expanded product lines, improved distribution systems and lower production costs.

Distributorships within the fresh market division has allowed for Pure Line’s reach to expand to thirty-eight countries on five continents.


Pure Line Seeds continued to develop beyond physical locations, as well as the quality of their pea seed and customer relations.

It wasn’t until 2004, when William and Susan Pfeil purchased the small pea seed company that the name Pure Line Seeds almost became synonymous with pea seed.

Pure Line also began to develop their own proprietary bean lines and alliances with public and private breeding companies.


Founded in 1948, Pure Line Seeds, a small company situated in the Columbia River Plateau outside of Moscow, Idaho was known for producing and developing pea varieties for the processing market.

As this small company grew they found themselves broadening their sales reach from Northern Idaho into parts of Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

When demand for their peas increased so did their physical location of production, milling, and warehousing move to the heart of the Columbia Basin – Warden Washington.

About Pure Line Seeds

What Makes Pure Line Seeds Different?


Seed Production

We are dedicated to producing the highest quality seed through our network of professional seed growers. Our seed growers not only produce Pure Line's propriety material, they also produce custom productions and open varieties for companies worldwide.


Strong Relationships

Pure Line Seeds has maintained a foundation of strong business relationships built on trust, reliability, and flexibility. We strive to go the extra mile to meet the needs of our customers by producing quality products. We listen to you!


Breeding Innovation

Induce variation and make selection - this is the principle of plant breeding, on which Pure Line Seed's breeding program stands today. We use traditional, non-GMO practices to induce variation followed by intensive selection processes in the field for six years. Unlike many other breeding programs, we include and rely on our customers, growers, and public breeders in our final selection process. We run trials of our best lines across the globe. Together, we choose the best of those selections to become new varieties. This collaboration constantly folds back into the breeding process for continuous improvement.

Bean Seed

Seed Health

Our primary focus is to provide a healthy environment for our seed crop so that it provides us with healthy seed. This includes using the best seed to start with and working closely with our growers to monitor for diseases and use the best tools available, like IPM, to abate biotic and abiotic stresses. All of our fields are inspected and certified as disease free by the USDA. The research and production teams work together every year to maintain clean seed lots, free of off-types. Our commitment to healthy food, healthy people, and healthy farms has encouraged us to produce WSDA certified organic seed of our best performing fresh market varieties.