Our Story




Founded in 1948, Pure Line Seeds, a small company situated in the Columbia River Plateau outside of Moscow, Idaho was known for producing and developing pea varieties for the processing market.

When demand for our peas increased so did the physical location of production, milling, and warehousing move to the heart of the Columbia Basin – Warden Washington.

Seed Production:

Our team utilizes a network of professional seed growers in the Pacific Northwest’s Columbia River Basin- the country’s premier seed growing region- to produce high-quality seed. Attentive care throughout the season means we’re able to offer open varieties and our own proprietary material at a higher standard. Through custom production, we offer this same standard to companies across the world.

Plant Breeding:

Pure Line’s internal breeders focus only on breeding peas and beans. “Induce variation and make selection” – this is the principle of plant breeding on which Pure Line Seed’s breeding program stands today. We use traditional, non-GMO practices to induce variation followed by intensive selection processes in the field for six years.

Seed Health:

Our primary focus is to provide a healthy environment for our seed crop so that it provides us with healthy seed. The research and production teams work together every year to maintain clean seed lots, free of off-types. Our commitment to healthy food, healthy people, and healthy farms has encouraged us to produce WSDA certified organic seed of our best performing fresh market varieties.

Strong Relationships:

Pure Line Seeds has maintained a foundation of strong business relationships built on trust, reliability, quality products, and complete flexibility. Whether it’s providing interpersonal connections or competitive varieties, we strive to go the extra mile in meeting the needs of our customers




1700 West First St.

P.O. Box 746

Warden, WA 98857


(509) 349-2374