• Astro F1

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    Compact, sturdy and high yields make this variety a great choice for processing. Astro is a high-performance variety, especially in cooler climates. Great early-to-main season processing variety.

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    jacaranda broccoli

    Jacaranda F1

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    This exciting new broccoli hybrid parades itself with its showy medium to large, blue-green leaves and deep-purple sprouts. The mildly sweet flavor is a result of its cross between a broccoli and cauliflower. Jacaranda is an early maturing variety that produces large round heads with uniform maturity and a long shelf life.

  • PLS 9631 F1

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    PLS 9631 has proved to be a reliable hybrid in extreme conditions and pressures making it slow to bolt. It produces neatly structured shoots and attractive blue-green heads. PLS 9631 has shown good tolerance to hallow steam in wet conditions.

  • Sequoia F1

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    This variety is an extra early season variety. Sequoia has strong emergence that produces a plant with vigorous growth. The heads are high and dome-shaped with dark green color reaching a size in excess of 30cm. The weight of the head can range from 750g to 1kg. Sequoia F1 has excellent holding capacity and has shown to hold after harvest up to 7 days. This variety is an excellent producer of high-quality heads.