• Barracuda F1

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    This F1 hybrid is an early Nantes type carrot. The vigorous plant produces a long (20-24 cm) smooth, slender and cylindrical carrot with a diameter of 4-4,5 cm. The shoulders are round, the carrot is slightly tapering and the leaf attachments are not sunken. Barracuda F1 is known for its excellent internal color. The color is dark orange with a small to medium size core. It will not develop green shoulders or a green core at normal to difficult growing conditions. It is not sensitive to conditions that increase longitudinal cracking of the roots. The leaf attachment is medium to small and strong. The leaves grow upright and are not too dense, this helps airflow and limited susceptibility to fungal attack. Barracuda F1 will produce a high yield and is very suitable for processing and fresh market.