• Gaudi F1

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    Gaudi has long oval-shaped fruit with a bright green calyx. Usually, the calyx is spineless, but under certain conditions, a few small spines can develop. The fruit is firm and is grown on a medium-tall, upright strong growing bush. The variety can be grown indoor and outdoor with good results. It will keep it’s dark black color until it gets to an over mature stage.

  • Goya F1

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    This large round extra firm eggplant is extremely suited for preparing pastes, dips, and sauces. It has a very good firm flesh consistency and a good shelf life. The fruits are round, to globe shaped, with a green spineless flat calyx. It is an early variety with a strong growing plant for indoor and outdoor planting.

  • Nancy F1

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    Mini eggplant, with a deep metallic purple color.  Nancy boasts high yields with a nice compact habitat, suitable for growing on the patio or in pots. Great for pickling or pan frying.