Pea Shoot

  • Parsley Pea

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    Specialty Pea Variety

    Parsley Pea a new variety from Pure Line Seeds that is used for the pea shoot, clipping and specialty markets.


    Harvest the pea plant when it is roughly 2-3 inches tall by cutting the whole plant and adding it to salads, a side dish, or simply to snack on!


    The tendrils are clipped at a young stage when they are still tender and have a sweet pea flavor.

    Shelling Pods:

    Parsley Pea also produces pods and can be eaten like a normal shelling pea. The peas contain some of the sweetest and greatest pea flavor within our portfolio.

  • PLS 179

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    Late Season Variety

    PLS 179 is a Pure Line Seeds introduction developed as a late-season afila. This pea boasts a very desirable sieve size and extraordinary quality. Fresh Market growers have given rave reviews on yields. It also performs well for pea shoots.