BBL 156


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PLS 183

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PLS 183 is another late season afila introduced by Pure Line Seeds. It is an excellent choice for growers in search of remarkable yields. This pea has a very intense color and is superbly uniform making it a phenomenal product.

PLS 560

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The long pointed pods of PLS 560 fill to the tip with 10-12 dark green berries of excellent flavor. These nice light green pods really stand out against the dark blue-green foliage. This strong-stemmed variety holds upright throughout the season, making harvest quick and very rewarding.



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Ferrari was developed by Bakker Brothers for the three sieve market. Ferrari is a glossy dark green podded variety. The plant habitat is a smaller bush with pods being set high in the bush. Since its introduction, Ferrari has become a mainstay variety for many processing and fresh market growers.


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Sassy was developed for small sieve size, whole bean market by Pure Line Seeds. This outstanding whole bean competes for the leading spot every year with its high quality, early vigor, outstanding yields and great recovery.

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