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A mainstay wax bean here at Pure Line Seeds, this bean is known for its high yields and uniform yellow pods. Goldrush also has a good disease package and are easy to pick because of their cluster growth around the main stem.


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Legacy is a Pure Line Seeds introduction developed as a Bolero replacement. Legacy is one day earlier than Bolero with an added resistance to Powdery Mildew. This productive variety is flipping many Bolero programs. Put Legacy to work for you and watch the dramatic change!

PLS 566

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Pure Line Seeds is ecstatic to introduce PLS 566 for its first year. Recent trials of PLS 566 have shown this pea’s capability to return tremendous yields.These long light green pods really stand out against the strong, dark blue-green afila vine. With two pods per node and 10-12 berries per pod, you’ll really be pleased with this sweet pea.

PLS 534

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PLS 534 is a second early afila developed at Pure Line Seed’s research facility. Double pods filled with 8-9 berries create fantastic yields of choice berries.  This pea is resistant to Fusarium Wilt race 1, race 2, and Fusarium Root Rot.

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