OSU 5630


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PLS 134

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PLS 134 is a Pure Line mid-season variety at 69 days and has a strong disease package and nice dark green plant and pods.


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This is a new 4 sieve bean that produces medium green pods on a very healthy plant with resistances to BCMV, Anthracnose, and Halo Blight. This variety has Shown great potential in both the fresh and processing market.

PLS 179

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PLS 179 is a Pure Line Seeds introduction developed as a late season afila. This pea boasts a very desirable sieve size and extraordinary quality. Fresh Market growers have given rave reviews on yields.



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Ferrari was developed by Bakker Brothers for the three sieve market. Ferrari is a glossy dark green podded variety. The plant habitat is a smaller bush with pods being set high in the bush. Since its introduction, Ferrari has become a mainstay variety for many processing and fresh market growers.

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