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Bolero is an industry standard pea with a large berry size and is still being used across the world for both industry and fresh market growers.



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Ferrari was developed by Bakker Brothers for the three sieve market. Ferrari is a glossy dark green podded variety. The plant habitat is a smaller bush with pods being set high in the bush. Since its introduction, Ferrari has become a mainstay variety for many processing and fresh market growers.


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Antigua has been trialed at various locations in the United States and has shown good adaptability to many locations. Antigua sets pods up to 5.5 inches in length with a majority of the pods at 4 sieve size. Antigua has a very good disease package with resistance to BCMV, Anthracnose and Halo Blight. Antigua is a blanching type variety. This variety fits both the processing and fresh market segments.


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This mid-season afila was developed by Pure Line Seeds. With its incomparable yields, superior color intensity and uniformity, Serge has taken one of the top spots in the industry. Serge has an excellent disease package and is especially well suited for climates similar to the Pacific Northwest in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

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