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An ‘All America Selections Award’ winner: pole bean Seychelles! This beautiful, dark green and round podded, string-less pole bean produce six equally perfect quality pods in a loose hanging truss. Seychelles produces a fresh-green firm gel around the very small, slowly developing seeds. It is resistant to Anthracnose and BCMV and is suitable for greenhouse production and can also be cultivated outdoors under cool conditions.


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Snow Pea Variety

Since Oregon Sugar Pod II was developed by Oregon State University, the snow pea has been a customer favorite world-wide. OSP II is highly prolific yielder and has a strong disease package.

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This large round extra firm eggplant is extremely suited for preparing pastes, dips, and sauces. It has a very good firm flesh consistency and a good shelf life. The fruits are round, to globe shaped, with a green spineless flat calyx. It is an early variety with a strong growing plant for indoor and outdoor planting.


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Antigua has been trialed at various locations in the United States and has shown good adaptability to many locations. Antigua sets pods up to 5.5 inches in length with a majority of the pods at 4 sieve size. Antigua has a very good disease package with resistance to BCMV, Anthracnose and Halo Blight. Antigua is a blanching type variety. This variety fits both the processing and fresh market segments.

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SS 141 is Pure Line Seeds new jumbo sugar snap, with long pods that are plump with a flavorful pea flavor. This variety is being grown and trialed in markets across the world.