Tiny Temptations™ Orange F1

Tiny Temptations™ is a brand new series for 2023! This series is an extremely sweet and productive bush-type assortment.

Tiny Temptations™ Orange is a sweet, 10-12% brix cherry dwarf tomato. Its plant habit is a mix between a trailing and upright tomato forming a nice bush, filling out the container, and bearing a constant supply of new fruits. The bushy plants with their small, sturdy green leaves are highly tolerant to Phytophthora, not susceptible to mildew and therefore easy to grow. The fruits themselves have an outstanding flavor and mature to a deep, Home Depot orange color. Recently, Tiny Temptations Orange won a Fleuroselect Gold Medal award for its productivity and unbeatable flavor. It’s amazing how much flavor this variety can punch into such small fruit. Excellent as a patio, container, or indoor plant in the summer and fall.


• 6-7″ pot size

• Regrowth after first harvest

• Sweet-tasting tomato with brix of 10-12%